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Selected Super Team Showcase Standouts, Pt. 2






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The Super Team Showcase had many excellent players.


May 19, 2015 - Want to learn about more guys who excelled in the DMVElite.com's Super Team Showcase? Check out the writeups below. Click here for Part 1.

Denmark Slay - 5'10", 180 pound point guard, St. Stephens/St. Agnes, The District (16u) - A competitor, Slay does whatever he needs to win, including driving, defending and rebounding. Case in point was his slick swipe after a free throw miss and subsequent layup. Slay makes it happen.

Denmark Slay, pulling up.

Decision making as a point guard must improve for Slay, who at times tries too hard to make plays. Slay must become a better mid-range shooter, as now he's getting to the cup or pulling up for three. To that point of his maiddle game, he noted "I just have to get back in the gym".

L.J. Owens - 6'2", 155 lb freshman G/F, Severn School (MD), MD 3D (15u) - For a young player, Owens boasts an excellent control over pace; he never gets rushed, making plays while dribbling confidently, including passing and shooting. His approach to the game, and ability to make plays, is advanced.

L.J. Owens, defending.

Owen must continue to get stronger as he matures, a point he's aware of. Doing so will also allow him to finish through contact and give the bump on drives as opposed to take it.

Justin Gielen - 5'10", 145 lb freshman guard, DeMatha (MD), MD 3D (15u) - A non-varsity player at DeMatha, Gielen is nevertheless talented. Think a guard who gets into the lane via an array of fancy dribble moves, including behind the backs, crossovers and change of pace maneuvers.

He's certainly exciting with the ball in his hand. The skills and moxie needed to do so were imparted to him by his dad, DeMatha graduate and Harvard standout Mike Gielen, who also coaches MD 3D's 15u unit.

Justin Gielen off the bounce.

Given his size Gielen must become more of a point guard, as well as consistently hit outside jumpers. He understands both are necessary.

Bryce Golden - 6'7", 230 lb freshman forward/center, St James (MD), Virginia Elite (15u) - A low post banger, Golden is physical, tough, has pretty good balance/strength, seals, rebounds and powers to the rim. In the words of Moses Malone, he 'takes it to the rack', an ethos learned from his father.

Bryce Golden, at the tin.

Jump shooting is not a strength, which Golden knows could further open his game. He should also continue to become stronger, as his power game will demand it going forward.
Xavier, American and others have shown interest.

Emmanuel Hylton - 6'3", 185 lb sophomore guard, St. John's (DC), The District (16u) - A strong dribbler, Hylton gets into the lane, using his handle and strength to do so. He's very good with the ball in his hand, finds teammates including via no looks and finishes at the rim, usually with a layup. He's a downhill player that is on the controls.

Emmanuel Hylton in action.

Hylton knows his outside shooting must improve, and he demonstrated work has occurred, draining unguarded shots. Next step is consistently hitting the guarded ones.

Jared Bynum - 5'9", 140 lb freshman guard, Georgetown Prep (MD), DC Thunder (15u) - During the Super Team Showcase play, Bynum routinely went coast to coast, finishing in traffic. He's an offensive force, one that can also pull up, get into the lane an finish.

Jared Bynum can get a bucket.

Missing was more functioning as a point guard, including dropping off on his drives. Bynum's father hotly disputed that as the norm, a position others confirmed. Apparently the Thunder required that of him.

Towson and George Mason like what they see in Bynum, having offered him a scholarship. He's one to watch going forward.

Satchel McKinney - 5'9", 140 pound freshman guard, St. Mary's Ryken (MD), Bump-N-Run (15u) - A lefty, McKinney likes to get into the lane, where he generally finishes with floaters. He's quick and loves to attack.

Satchel McKinney on the attack.

A junior varsity player last season, McKinney must be more of a finder as he becomes older. He has the potential to be a very good lead guard.


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