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Selected Premier Open Run Standouts Pt. 2






Ron Bailey, Publisher

DMVElite.com event boasted talented players from multiple areas.


April 19, 2015 - More guys who stood out in last month's DMVElite.com Premier Open Run event follow. Click here for Part 1.

Daryl Bones, 6'2", 165 pound Class of 2016 guard, Idea (DC) - A generalist guard, Bones gives you ssome of everything, including driving, passing and shooting. It includes finishing at the rim, to which Bones noted "exploding to the cup is basically when your man guarding too close up on you, you get right by him, finish at the rim through contact, and one".

True, but presently Bones likes to finish via odd angle - usually a leaning release. Going forward that won't be an option, so he knows "I have to work on my pull up game and my floater game".

Daryl Bones at the tin.

Improving his off (right) hand is also necessary, since "It's easy for me right now" to drive with his left, "but when I get to the next level it won't be easy".

Bones has excellent vision, to which he said "I love to dish the rock. Especially when I can make a fancy pass or something like that, get the crowd hyped. I like plays like that".

The reigning DC Charter League POY, Bones must continue to get physically stronger. He's heard from several schools, including Robert Morris and "a couple of D2 schools".

Kenneth Tyree - 5'8", 150 pound Class of 2018 guard, Anacostia (DC) - Tough and scrappy, Tyree will battle tooth and nail. As he commented on his defense "You have to go 110%, keep pushing, make sure no one scores on you".
The Premier Run was a good experience for him.

"The camp is real good" he said, as "it's helped me with the moves I need to learn, shot selection, defense, agility, all of that".

Kenneth Tyree is tough.

Speaking of knowing when to shoot, Tyree or 'K.T.' as he's known is finding balance: "Well, I know that I can swing the ball and get it back real quick...look for team first, not me. when I have a mismatch, then I can go".

Koran Moore, 6'8", 250 pound Class of 2017 forward, Patterson (MD) - One of the best young big men in Maryland, Moore indicated "Kansas State, Maryland, a lot of other places" are showing him recruiting love. He hasn't received any schollie offers, but Moore is on the radar of schools.

What they see is a fairly physical big man with good feet, one that can position and bull. Of his Premier Run action, Koran said "I think I played good...wanted to be more aggressive in there, finish around the rim".

That he did, but mostly via mid-range face ups, where he shot or drove. "I've been working on that in high school and since them" he said.

Koran Moore, boxing out.

Koran didn't post up back-to-basket down low much, to which he said "That's my original game. I've been trying to work on spacing the floor".

Conditioning wise Moore was in pretty good shape, which he attributed to Patterson, as "They got me in really good shape". He should round that off with more core and strength training.

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