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Selected Premier Run Standouts Pt. 1






Ron Bailey, Publisher

DMVElite.com event boasted talented players from multiple areas.


April 9, 2015 - DMVElite has positioned itself as the top District-Maryland-Virginia entity in sports event management - they put together excellent events designed to give young players exposure. Their Premier Run in late March was no exception.

Following are several standout players who participated:

Torrey Brittingham
- 6'1", 165 pound Class of 2016 guard, Wicomoco (MD) - One of the Eastern Shore's best, Brittingham was Conference Player of the Year on a squad that made the state semi finals, yet indicated he's only received "light interest from Towson" . In his eyes, he must "get a little stronger, my jumper needs to get a little bit more consistent and (become better at) picking up full court defense". That was a true assessment.

Jahil Jenkins, hailing from West Virginia.

Brittingham, who shared plans to play for B'More's Finest on the circuit loves to get up and down offensively. Plays with confidence no matter who he goes against. Kind of like Eastern Shore basketball.

"It gets overlooked. We have a lot of great talent down there" said Brittingham of Shore ball. "Some of the people get lost in the shuffle, you know grades, other stuff outside of basketball that they just can't keep up".

Torrey Brittingham looks not to fall into that category.

Keve Aluma
- 6'8", 210 pound Class of 2017 forward/center, Stephen Decatur (MD) - Aluma is an intriguing story, the guy who picked up roundball late, but is a force to be reckoned with. He's making a name for himself.

"I'm just trying to get better" said Aluma, who started to play basketball just a year and a half ago. His late start wasn't due to dislike for the sport; Aluma, who since around eight years old had played soccer simply indicated "I just never played it", despite his pops, Peter Aluma, having a brief stint with the NBA's Sacramento Kings.

Starting to play later may have the unintended consequence of Aluma having no bad habits; he holds the ball up high, doesn't play out of himself, contests straight up and down and generally doesn't force shots. With eye-catching paint fundamentals and effort, Keve said of his style "I just play hard".

Torrey Brittingham of Eastern Shore Rival Wicomoco has seen Aluma's improvement: "He came a long way. His freshman year he didn't know anything...He's come a long way. Learned on the fly. he's tough now...Going into the season he's probably the best post player on the Shore".

Going forward expect him to work on shooting, an expressed shortcoming, and being more confident, which will come with more experience.

Bring un-recruited won't last long for Aluma.

Keve Aluma has been taught the fundamentals well.

Alphonso 'Jiar' White - 5'11", 160 pound Class of 2017 guard, St. Maria Goretti (MD) - There are times when a player is seen that screams athlete. White is that guy.

"I play basketball, baseball, run track and play soccer" shared White, lettering in all four. He's guard, centerfielder/pitcher, sprinter and striker, respectively. "Either baseball or basketball" are his best, though many call him "the fastest kid in the county" (Frederick) on the oval.

On the hardwood White's best strongpoint might be defense, as he battles everyone, no matter position. Apparently a Goretti assistant "tells me I can change the level of my play based on who I'm guarding".

White knows he must work on ball handling and shooting, though the former is farther along than the latter.

He has tools.

Jahlil Jenkins - 5'10", 155 pound Class of 2017 guard, Jefferson (WV) - Jenkins has been to the DMV before, distinguishing himself each time. He's a lead guard that scores and directs, one that loves to get into the lane and make it happen.

Jenkins must become stronger, which he understands. As such "I keep going to the gym, doing pull ups, leg work". Basketball-wise Jahlil has been concentrating on his jump shot, which will further open his game.

"Stanford, Greenbriar East, East Tennessee, Navy, a couple of others" are showing interest. A 3.0 GPA student who hits the circuit with the Uncommon Bulls (WV), Jenkins indicated "I have to keep working" academically as well, thereby improving his scholastic profile.

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