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Ron Bailey, Publisher

Young talent was on display.


April 8, 2014 - Recently the folks at DMV Elite brought us the Premier Run, a chance for college coaches and talent evaluators to check out some of the top high school boys talent in the DMV, kids ranging from current high school freshman through juniors.

Following are write ups on a few participating players:

Jack Lawrence - 6'8", 200 pound, Class of 2016 Forward, Gonzaga (DC) - A junior varsity player last year, Lawrence displayed good offensive feel, allowing him to score around the tin and from mid-range. This, despite being relatively new to the game. He also competes.

Lawrence has to embrace the weight room, right now he's not stout around the tin. He's active, but not stout.

That's Will Robinson skying to the hoop while Jack Lawrence defends.

CJ Keyser - 6'4", 180 pound, Class of 2015 swingman - Uber-athletic, Keyser punishes rims while also displaying better touch from outside. He's been working hard on the latter.

Going forward, that shooting development, particularly pulling up off the bounce, needs to be focused upon.

Will Robinson - 6'5", 210 pound, Class of 2015 forward - Robinson is undersized, yet competes very well from mid-range and around the cup, including attacking the tin. He indicated his athletic ability has improved due to weight training and healing from a previous leg injury.

For college, Robinson must become more of a pure small forward, meaning he has to become a better perimeter shooter and ball handler in space.

Jason Jolly - 5'4", 160 pound, Class of 2015 guard, Stone Bridge (VA) - Though diminutive in stature, Jolly is impressive, using speed, quickness and strength to attack the tin. He also hit open shots, making Jolly a bucket getter.

At his size, he must become a better point guard. Presently Jolly is a good leader, but must drive to pass more, instead of simply score. He should also pressure the ball more consistently.

Evan Phoenix - 6'8", 215 pound, Class of 2015 forward, Calvert Hall (MD) - Phoenix is an active rebounder, one that can score from mid-range and/or cut from there to the cup. Think more of a movement-type big as opposed to down low banger. Nevertheless, he will compete against all kinds of frontcourt foes.

Going forward Phoenix should and likely will get stronger, thereby enhancing his ability to grind around the cup

Josh Fulton - 6'1", 180 pound, Class of 2015 guard, St. Frances (MD) - Think generalist when Fulton's name is mentioned; he can drive, shoot and pat solidly. Fulton is not excellent any facet, but can compete in all facets of the game.

For college Fulton must become more of a lead guy.

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