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Old School 'Q' Smith keeps attracting interest






Ron Bailey, Publisher

Throwback banger has racked up offers.


September 18, 2013 - In today's day and age, many big men, well, don't want to play like typical big guys. They eschew working in the paint for jumpers from distance and snazzy dribble moves. Playing down low is becoming a lost and disrespected art amongst players, who seemingly want to channel the likes of Dirk Nowitski, as opposed to Shaq O'Neal.

One group that seems to value traditional post play are college coaches. Their pursuit of Quadree 'Q' Smith illustrates that.

That's Quadree 'Q' Smith wheeling and dealing in the paint.

According to Smith's father Robert during last weekend's DMV Elite 80 Camp, the likes of "George Mason, Towson, St. Joe's, Drexel, Kent State, Florida International, Greensboro, Tennessee, Nebraska, Austin Peay, Quinnipiac, Siena, Rider" and a host of others, around 20 in all, have offered his son a scholarship. Few can compare to that list.

There are no leaders per se, and the elder Smith stressed "He's looking for the best fit, best situation. We're not caught up on big names". Rob did indicate "The opportunity to contribute as a freshman" was important, and "It will take a special coach to coach" Quadree.

What was meant by that last statement?

Well, returning to the fact Q is a guy that loves to work in the paint "and can play with the back to the basket", Rob Smith believes his son must be utilized as such. Quadree, at between 6'6" and 6'7" and weighing around 285 pounds, is a force around the cup, using soft hands and light feet to wheel and deal, while also rebounding and playing position defense. That combination of size and agility allows Smith to attack bigger foes offensively.

If you let him, he'll also hit mid-range spot ups. Continued focus on lateral quickness development and weight reduction/strength development will allow his work in space to improve.

While Quadree has no leader, Rob Smith did share his son's visit schedule. Greensboro was officially visited around September 7th, while St. Joe's is set to host him on the 26th-28th. Philadelphia's Drexel has been granted an unofficial visit, likely occurring around October 19th. Kent State is another possible official host, and the elder Smith also floated the idea of Q holding on to a visit, thereby allowing a more intimate exploration of . A decision could occur "November, early December".

When you look at Q's physical attributes and rugged style, many observers broach the question, 'Why doesn't he play football'?. It's not a knock on Smith the hooper, but an acknowledgement that athletes with his size and footwork have the ability to excel in football, where linemen with those attributes are in high demand.

Quadree has previously rebuffed all suggestions he try the gridiron. His dad is comfortable with that, saying "It's not for me to say what he can and can't do", though left the door open, noting "Maybe he will try after basketball is finished".

That's good news for all the school recruiting Q the b-baller. Good news indeed.

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