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Pro City Kenner League updates Pt. 1






Robert Stephens, Featured Writer

Players were in attendance this weekend.

July 7, 2014 - The Nike Pro City Kenner League is in full flow, having started this weekend. G'Town's McDonough Arena was again a DMV hoops hot spot.

Following are a few standouts:

Deli Ojo, 6'0" guard, Lincoln Park - A veteran of Lincoln Park's APBL team last year and previous Mexican league work, Ojo is a 32 year old who physically outperforms foes much younger; he drives and finishes with few peers in league play. Ojo also hit from deep outside.

How does this Damascus, MD native do it?

"I take care of my body" he shared. That includes "yoga hoops", a program some NBA guys have embraced. The result is Ojo feeling "like I can play for five more years".

Germany may be on the horizon this upcoming season.

Chris Matthews, 6'5" guard, A. Wash - Last year Matthews was in Nova Scotia, Canada's Halifax, playing for the city's NBL franchise. As usual, he's a dead eye shooter that also makes plays for others.

Matthews is a solid defender, yet probably could strap up even more. His handle work is evident. Shows leadership. Graduated from St. Bonaventure, while also attending Washington State.

Chris Matthews, pulling up from deep.

Rashad Whack, 6'2" guard, Clydes - Having recently graduated from Mount St. Mary's with a degree in accounting, Whack plans to try and "play overseas" going forward. Scored 26 points, from outside and at the rim.
His work on driving and finishing is obvious, no longer is Whack only a catch and shoot guy. Has a good feel for the game and his quick with and without the rock.

In the pros, will have to be a combo guard, one that must show more of a defensive focus.

Kinu Rochford, 6'6" forward, Ohhs and Ahhs - Having graduated from Farleigh-Dickinson in 2013, Rochford was in Israel (Holun) last year, and will likely return to that country's Yavne in 2014.

A favorite amongst hoops heads in attendance, the Brooklyn native has long arms, is strong and weighs 250 pounds, all of which he uses to bang around the rim and finish strong with two hands.

Rochford, who can be animated on the court stays within himself, specifically operating in that paint.

An expanded shooting range will help Rochford a lot in pro ball.

Bryon Allen, 6'3 guard, Higher Level - Allen has always believed himself the equal of anybody in front of him, and still does, as he will drive by or shoot over anyone. Is a strong player capable of playing both guard 'zishes. Defenders better make sure he doesn't flush on their heads.

Allen, who scored 15 points on Sunday shared "I'm trying to go overseas or play in the D-League", with the latter possibly coming through Utah, which he has a workout with.

As a pro point guard, Allen must strike that balance between diming and scoring.

Mo Creek, 6'4" guard, DCX - Having battled back from two knee injuries at Indiana, Creek transferred to George Washington where he tickled the twin from outside last season, drove to the cup and made plays all over the floor. In Pro City Kenner League play, Creek continued that trend.

After labeling IU "a great fit", Creek said the same of of GW , relishing wanting to "help that team win" despite the previous year's struggles. Getting to the NCAA Tournament last season was also a goal of his.

George Washington allowed him "to showcase" his stroke last year, though he doesn't think it was diminished previously.

Interestingly enough Creek graduated from both schools; an I.U. bachelors was received, along with a GW masters in Human Leadership and Development.

He shared "Most likely I'll have to go overseas" professionally, but is open for all options.

Dropped 20 points from all over the floor, balling with DCX.

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