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Ron Bailey, Publisher

Staff stresses teaching the little things.


May 15, 2013 - Some coaches approach their work as teachers, which makes sense as good players constantly evolve in basketball, and evolution in the game requires learning. These men and women who roam benches impart knowledge on a regular basis, on a broad spectrum of basketball’s aspects, however seemingly minute.

Count DC Assault’s 15u Gold head coach Zach Suber as one of those coaches.

“The fundamentals are going to carry you a long way” said Suber after Monday’s hour and a half practice. “The intangibles are going to care us over. We stress the little details, because they are going to carry you over. Little things, like the right pass”.

Suber, and assistant coach Aaron ‘Rat’ Ratliff stressed details throughout the session, with spacing, ball placement, general set understanding and defensive rotations under focus, in addition to making passes on time, and in the right place. The importance of pace (vis a vis sticking to the set) was also harped on, and even demonstrated, as due to injury Suber took the floor with his young charges; afterward he didn’t fail to remind them how despite playing much slower was able to find a cutting guard for two, simply by maintaining the set’s principles.

The coaches also touched upon practice mentality and focus importance.

Ratliff, commenting on the team’s lackadaisical early approach warm ups and drills, said “That caring, has to come from y’all”, before making the analogy of taking easy classes not preparing students for hard ones, and as such practices should be approached with vigor and focus, since they prepare players for hard games. Ratliff finished, saying “You all have to police yourselves”.

Suber on coming to practice ready, and overall commitment: “I’m committed. Coach ‘Rat is committed. We need you all to be a little more committed”.

Because of their lack of focus and early sloppy play, proceedings were stopped early. The reason – players had to run. Overall effort and attention to detail improved afterward.

Anthony Cowan turning the corner on Stephon Fisher.

“We have a target on our back” explained Suber to the guys; DCA’s 15U Gold team is 18-1 now, and many believe them one of the best groups that elite travel team grouping (the only loss was to a 16u team). “People are coming for your head”.

“We teach you all how to get up and down” continued Zuber, noting his guys are strategically prepared for foes. “We teach you to score in the half court…You have to be mentally ready. Mentally tough”.

Suber and Ratliff are trying to ensure that.

Player Notes:

Reggie Gardner, Jr. – freshman, 6’2”, 155 pound guard, DeMatha (MD) – According his father, Reggie Sr., Baylor and USC have expressed interest in his son, as have “Virginia Tech, Rutgers and Maryland”.

An all round guard who likes to hit the corner jumper, Gardner has to get stronger, a fact his dad expressed agreement with. That will allow his game, which also consists of driving and dishing, to open up.

Stephon Fisher – eighth grader, 6’7”, 215 pound forward – Headed to St. John’s (DC) next year, Fisher is a talented offensive player that loves to attack from mid-range, where he can finish with either hand. Fisher is a smooth player that seems to know how to score.

Must work on his lateral quickness and explosiveness going forward.

Joe Hampton – freshman, 6’6”, 230 pound forward , DeMatha (MD) – Well known on the recruiting circuit, Hampton indicated “Syracuse, Boston College, Georgetown, Miami, Virginia Tech and West Virginia” have all expressed interest.

Presently scores via strong post moves, under the rim. Must become more explosive, and refine his footwork and offensive/defensive perimeter comfort level. Is a lefty.

Anthony Cowan – 5’10”, 158 pound point guard, Good Counsel (MD) – Cowan has worked hard to improve his jumper, and it shows. Loves to strap defensively, and will find teammates. Noted “I need to get stronger and more athletic”.

Indicated interest from “West Virginia, Virginia, Georgetown, Maryland, Xavier, Holy Cross, Cincinnati and Rutgers” has been received, while visits to G’Town, UVA and WVU have occurred. According to Cowan, “At the top of my list is Virginia”.

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