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Dr. Phillips uses brain and brawn to seize NHSI crown






Ron Bailey, Publisher

Panthers get it done mentally and physically.


April 9, 2013 - It’s a thing of beauty when both scheme and physical preparation come together. That crucial tandem was visible during Dr. Phillips’ (FL) 62-45 win over Spaulding (MD) in National High School Invitational play last weekend, enabling the victorious Panthers (31-3) to earn their second NHSI title at the expense of Spaulding’s Cavailers (30-3).

First, the X’s and O’s.

Spaulding head coach William Rosemond afterward on what he termed the “difference in the game”: “Oh my gosh, that was like the Syracuse zone…they were disciplined with it. And we tried a little bit of everything; we tried getting some motion through it, tried to get some picking coming off the baseline. Just tried to get some ball movement and jumpers…we couldn’t succeed.

“We got the shots….(it was the) best zone we’ve faced”.

Indeed, as Spaulding went 19-73 from the field, making just 2-15 of their three pointers. For those counting that’s 26% and 13.3% respectively.

What exactly was it?

“Honestly everyone in Florida knows I play a 1-3-1 zone, some say it’s a 2-3 zone, but actually it’s a 1-1-3 zone” revealed Dr. Phillips’ head coach Anthony Jones. “But that zone metamorphs (sic) into a 1-3-1 zone or a 2-3 zone”.

That's Hannah Schaible causing a defender to leap.

Later, Jones remarked “I think the defense kind of confused them offensively, and when the shot clock goes down they had to take a quick shot, which I don’t think they were used to”.

Spaulding did cut a double digit second half deficit to six with 5:21 to go, eliciting a Dr. Phillips timeout. The Orlando-based team responded, going on a 21-10, game finishing run, started by junior forward Matea Brivtar’s rare four point play. Brivtar indicated she simply made the appropriate play, while Spaulding’s Rosemond shared “We got the person to shoot we wanted”; Brivtar made the most of it.

For the game, Spaulding outrebounded the victors 47-38, while owning a dominant 28-8 advantage on the offensive glass. Yet down the stretch, it was Dr. Phillips who pulled the hammer down, snagging both caroms and loose balls.

“I enjoy the fact that in the fourth quarter we held them to one and done; you didn’t see a lot of offensive rebounds” said Jones. “Confidence started coming from the girls, they could smell the victory”.

The saying goes ‘fatigue makes cowards of us all’. Inversely, great physical conditioning would make teams brave. Enter Dr. Phillip’s preparation.

At season’s start, Jones shared “My two seniors, Sydnei McCaskill and Hannah Schaible said ‘Coach, I want you to train us like champions, we want to win it'”. Resultantly they “spent three, four weeks inside practices just trying to train like champions, to be prepared for this center stage”.

Interestingly enough, flag football also helped conditioning, as revealed by Schaible, a guard/forward; the training for that sport was intense.

“We pride ourselves in playing tough match up zone defense, disguising our defense, and beating a team to the loose balls and rebounds” summed Jones, of his team, which did all to seal the game. Looking like a proud leader, Jones was flanked by McCaskill (15 points), Schaible (19 points, 10 rebounds, eight assists) and Britvar (16 points, five rebounds) in his team’s post game presser. McCaskill is headed to Georgia, while Schaible will be a GW Colonial next year.

The Panthers shot 46.7% from the field and sank a paltry 26.3% of their three pointers, while also getting 28 less shots than the Cavs, further indicating the work on the defensive end, and late hustle to loose balls.

Rosemond got 15 points and 10 rebounds from senior forward Jade Schaife, a future UNC Greensboro student athlete. Senior point guard Aleah Epps, who is considering Central Connecticut State, tallied nine points and seven rebounds for Spaulding.


Where he learned it: “I actually picked up a book” said Dr. Phillips head man Anthony Jones, of how he learned his almost exclusive 1-1-3 matchup zone defense. “ I graduated from Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach. My Dad was an assistant coach in high school. I did go to University of Florida. When graduated, I got a job at Dr. Phillips High School, where I was the boy’s assistant coach.

“I just picked up a book, and it talked about all multiple defenses, and I found something nobody used…so it’s hard to prepare for it if no one is using it.

“So I said ‘I’m going to try this 1-1-3 defense’ when I was the boys JV coach. I was successful with it.

“Four years ago, I started using it with the varsity girls, and it just became something we we really enjoy".

Jones went on to posit of his primary defense’s effectiveness “you can simulate it, but It actually takes three years to perfect the rotation of the 1-1-3 defense. And every year I saw this squad get better and better defensively”.

Future Colonial can now dime: In her previous trip to the NHSI, Hannah Schaible proved herself an animal in the paint, one that could also step out and hit outside shots. She was more or less a skilled, rough and tumble player.

That still holds true for the 5’9” Schaible; just one look at her knee pads and countenance affirms it. But now, she’s a little more skilled, as Schaible is a more than adequate dimer.

That’s right, she finds teammates when and where they can do damage, doing so a game high eight times against Spaulding. For the record, she flirted with a triple double, also logging 19 points and 10 rebounds, while pacing the game in all three categories.

How did this future George Washington student athlete become such a capable passer recently?

“Actually I think flag football really helped me with that, I’m the quartback” she revealed, “with Coach Jones” leading the team. “Being able to do that carried over to all the sports I play, being able to read the defense, know how to hit them (teammates for shots).

On playing in front of future GW fans and teammates, Schaible labeled it “exciting”, before relaying an interesting anecdote “when we were flying up here I was kind of thinking next time I fly up here, I’ll stay here”.

That’s good news for the GW faithful.


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