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Robert Stephens, Featured Writer

Great bump exists Uptown.

June 25, 2014 - There is a jewel of a summer league going on at Lamond Recrecation Center in NW, WDC - the i95Ballerz.com Summer League is a collection of teams from DC and Maryland, representing public, private and charter school institutions.

Born from a desire to get kids exposure that might not otherwise receive it, the league, known on social media as #I95SL does just that. Hats off to Sterling Lindsay for this great idea!

The schedule is set for the summer:

Potomac used a i95Ballerz.com Tournament championship to a springboard for Maryland State 'Chip garnering.

All games are at Lamond Recreation Center

Monday June 23rd
5:05 pm Blair vs. Coolidge
6:05pm Lamond vs. Potomac
7:05pm Capital Christian Academy vs. Blake

Tuesday June 24th
5:05pm M. Central vs. Bell
6:05pm Washington Latin vs. Cardozo
7:05pm National Collegiate vs. Roosevelt

Wednesday June 25th
5:05pm Dunbar vs. Takoma Academy
6:05pm Cardozo vs. Bell
7:05pm Central vs. Lamond

Monday June 30th
5:05pm Washington Latin vs. Blair
6:05pm National Collegiate vs. Blake
7:05pm Dunbar vs. Potomac

Tuesday July 1st
5:05pm Roosevelt vs. Capitol Christian Academy
6:05pm Lamond vs. Takoma Academy
7:05pm Washington Latin vs. National Collegiate Prep

Wednesday July 2nd

5:05pm Cardozo vs. Roosevelt
6:05pm Blair vs. Dunbar
7:05pm Central vs. Blake

Monday July 7th
5:05pm Bell vs. Capital Christian Academy
6:05pm Potomac vs. Blair
7:05pm Dunbar vs. Blake

Tuesday July 8th
5:05pm Central vs. Potomac
6:05pm Bell vs. National Collegiate Prep
7:05pm Washington Latin vs. Capital Christian

Wednesday July 9th
5:05pm Takoma Academy vs. Cardozo
6:05pm Lamond vs. Roosevelt
7:05pm Central vs. Capital Christian Academy

Monday July 14th
5:05pm Takoma Academy vs. Bell
6:05pm Cardozo vs. Blair
7:05pm Blake vs. Potomac

Tuesday July 15th

5:05pm Dunbar vs. National Collegiate Prep
6:05pm Washington Latin vs. Roosevelt
7:05pm Lamond vs. Blair

Wednesday July 16th
5:05pm Potomac vs. Takoma Academy
6:05pm Cardozo vs. National Collegiate Prep
7:05pm.Dunbar vs. Central

Monday July 21st
5:05pm Blake vs. Bell
6:05pm Lamond vs. Washington Latin
7:05pm Blair vs. Capital Christian Academy

Tuesday July 22nd
5:05 pm Roosevelt vs. Blake
6:05pm Takoma Academy vs. Capital Christian Academy
7:05pm Central vs. Cardozo

Wednesday July 23rd
5:05pm Washington Latin vs. Bell
6:05pm Roosevelt vs. Dunbar
7:05pm. Potomac vs.National Collegiate Prep

Monday July 28th

5.05pm Lamond vs. Blake
6:05pm Bell vs. Dunbar
7:05pm. Central vs. Washington Latin

Tuesday July 29th

5:05pm Cardozo vs. Capital Christian Academy
6:05pm Takoma Academy vs. National Collegiate Prep
7:05pm Roosevelt vs. Potomac

Playoffs schedule will be TBD.

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