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DCIAA/Charter Open Run selected standouts






Ron Bailey, Publisher

Concerned coaches put players in position to receive exposure.

April 22, 2015 - When various coaches put together this month's DCIAA/Charter Open Run, the hope was that increased exposure would provide not only collegiate interest for un/under-recruited players, but hopefully scholarships as well. Done and done. Hats off to Malcolm Battle and other concerned coaches with the foresight to help high schoolers in this way.

Following are a few standouts:

George Rambert - 5'9", 145 pound senior guard, National Collegiate Charter (DC) - A quick penetrator, Rambert loves to get into the lane, where he likes to finish. Rambert is tough, so his lack of height doesn't deter him.

For college, he knows dropping off will be a necessity. His mentality going forward will be to "try to get the ball out of my hands before I get involved" in scoring.

Presently has no offers.

Kenneth Ford - 6'3", 180 pound senior swingman, National Collegiate Charter (DC) - Maybe the most slept on DMV player, Ford is a sweet shooting slasher whose relentless. He gets buckets.

Don't sleep on Kenneth Ford.

Ford is getting looks from Wilmington College, Chatham, Shenandoah and Brown-Mackie, the last coming as a direct result of this Open Run. Has Division I skill and talent.

Must employ a more consistent stop and pop game. Is a straight line driver, so more wiggle would be good.

Joe Adedayo - 6'3", 195 pound senior forward, Parkdale (MD) - Brown-Mackie College offered Adedayo on the spot. What they saw is an athletic player with a 7'0" wingspan, a guy that in college will be able to guard fours, threes and some twos. Adedayo straps.

Joe 'Head Honcho' Adedayo on the move.

Offensively, he finishes around the rim on drives and stick backs. Must further develop his mid to long range shooting and off hand dribbling.

This competitor has also been offered by Wilmington University.

Jordan Howze - 5'10", 160 pound senior guard, School Without Walls (DC) - Howze was one of the DMV's most prolific scorers last season, as he gets to the rim and shoots from distance. A lefty, Jordan's a combo guard who despite being qualified after studying at one of the area's premier schools, and has only an offer from Polk CC.

Jordan Howze is talented.

In college Howze must get stronger and become a more consistent passer. Always on the attack, he also indicated "I think I should slow down a little".

Calvin Tibbs - 6'3", 185 pound senior swingman, HD Woodson (DC) - After the Open Run, Tibbs indicated "I got my first offer today from Brown-Mackie"; more should follow. He's a streak shooting wingman, one who described his ability to sink jumpers as "I put it in when I'm comfortable". As with most shooters, a few makes drives him more confident.

Calvin Tibbs attacking.

A DCIAA sleeper, Tibbs will also attack the tin, usually off straight line drives. Can rebound as well. Was a key member of HD Woodson's championship team this season.

Must get stronger and get up more shots in training, thereby making his entire game more consistent, allow him to always finish through contact, and to always play with more confidence. A college program will allow that.

Tony Green - 6'0", 200 pound senior guard, Bell (DC) - A driver who is capable of hitting open spot up jumpers, Green is a generalist who does some of everything. Will also compete.

Bell's Tony Green.

Green understands his right hand handle must be improved. It's something his mentor/coach has harped on.

"He helped me with everything" said Green of Lyndon DeBellotte, a former UDC standout who has worked with countless players. "Family problems, basketball, everything".

Green is wide open recruiting-wise.

Alex Nunnally - 6'4", 200 pound senior forward, Cesar Chavez (DC) - Nunnally only played a handful of games at Chavez this season. Given that, he's a relative unknown by many. He shouldn't be.


Think rebounder and activity guy when pondering Nunnally. One with a sweet touch from mid-range. He's willing to defend and play the glue guy role in college.

Nunnally is visiting Francis Marion soon, and has received some interest from Eastern Oklahoma JC, Elizabeth City State, ASA (CC), Harford (CC), Apprentice and Kutztown.

Is playing travel team ball with Southern Maryland's All Stars.

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