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Ron Bailey, Publisher

Baltimore's legendary 'Dome' was where talented players converged last Saturday.


September 3, 2013 - The BMoreHoops 9th Anniversay Celebration was held at Baltimore's Dome basketball court. A covered, outdoor arena, The Dome is a landmark in Charm City.

With games held all day, the Celebration boasted talented high school players from the Charm City region. We document a few here.

Kevin McClain - 6'4", 178 pound junior forward, Edmondson-Westside (MD) - A self-identified "four man" at EW in Baltimore, McClain displayed swingman skills in the BmoreHoops 9th Anniversary Celebration. Fairly long and versatile, McClain can pat and attack the tin, while also defend.

Needs to show better shooting range/ability.

Is currently receiving no recruiting love.

Justin Jenifer in action.

Justin Jenifer - 5'9", 165 pound junior guard, Milford Mill (MD) - Long a Charm City favorite because of his ability to put the ball in the cup, Jenifer did so in Celebration play, from the perimeter and at the cup. A lefty, Jenifer employs many moves to score, including blowing by people, pulling up for three, floaters, change of pace moves and fancy ball patting.

Is a point guard who likes to score. Can dime, and loves to do so spectacularly.

Going forward, should focus on the easy pass, as that is what will be available in college. Has become stronger and is transforming his body with weights, work that needs to continue.

Cincinnati, Rutgers, South Florida and Penn State have offered scholarships at one time or another. Villanova, Miami, Memphis and Georgetown have shown interest.

Gary Jefferson - 6'3", 173 pound junior guard, Spaulding (MD) - A very good passer and defender, Jefferson has size and the willingness to use it.

His jumper has improved; it's not yet 'money', but you can't ignore it anymore.

Is an ascending player that will garner much recruiting attention.

John Crosby in the lane.

William Robinson - 6'4", 210 pound junior forward, St. Frances (MD) - A multi-skilled forward, Robinson understands and embraces the need for him to become more of a swingman for college. Can play competently away and around the tin.

Indicated DePaul, Hampton, Towson, Tulsa, George Mason and Temple have shown interest.

John Crosby - 6'2", 181 pound senior guard, Poly (MD) - Crosby loves to drive and dish, and is good at it. Is fairly strong, so he can take the bump getting into the lane.

Needs to demonstrate a more consistent outside game.

Revealed Binghamton, George Mason, Penn, UAB, Rutgers, South Florida and DePaul have all shown interest.

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