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Takeover 16u Orange is defying expectations






Ron Bailey, Publisher

Many thought this crew wouldn't be a force.


June 8, 2016 - Before this travel team season, when Team Takeover’s 16u Orange roster was examined, rare would have been the observer who expected much success from that team. It’s full of varsity players - many who didn’t get much playing time in high school - and in some cases primarily JV guys.

Head coach Darryl Prue wasn’t concerned. He had a plan.

“I wanted a balanced team where everyone does their part” recalled Prue, a former high school All-American, Division I star player at West Virginia, long time international pro and Division I coach at Morgan State and Georgetown. “I want them to be a basketball player instead of a specialist; play the total game meaning get out of their comfort zone to get better and work on weaknesses”.

Darryl Prue, teaching his guys.

How are they coming along, in his view?

“I’m very happy” he answered. “I pushed them hard and they responded. It’s a pleasure as a coach to watch your group get better as fast as they did”. He’s also labeled the crew “hard working”.

Helping in the effort are Spence Way, Gilbert Glasco and EJ Dawson, all talented assistants in their own collective right, who coach at Gwynn Park (Way) in Maryland and Virginia’s Bishop Ireton (Dawson, Glasco). Prue’s staff all work directly with their charges, though it’s he who is the most vocal in-game. To Prue’s credit he mixes high expectations, and tough love with support.

On the floor, TTO 16u Orange runs a myriad of different offensive attacks, from drive and space, to Iso, to Princeton Offense-inspired actions. In terms of stopping foes, man and zone schemes have been observed. Prue likes he’s team’s attention on that side of the floor, opining “We defend pretty good”.

Vince Lee has thrived so far.

Prue summing his view: “We are a very hard working team that I really like”.

As with any successful team, the players are key. Following is a look at several:

Vince Lee – 6’8”, 210 pound rising junior forward, Team Takeover 16 Orange, Paul VI (VA) – Long and mobile, Lee is proving himself a rising force in 16u basketball; he rebounds, rim runs, finishes around the tin and rim protects. Basically Lee embraces big man stuff.

“I just say, it’s easy to score if you rim run, and if we rebound, get offensive rebounds we score, get defensive rebounds we stop them from scoring” noted Lee about his penchant for both. “So I just think doing those two things at a real high level can help my team out a lot”.

Lee lauded Prue for his exploding game and confidence, noting “I think Coach Prue has really helped me with my post play, just getting in the gym”. Additionally, he’s becoming a fan of the game, as “watching post players and learning when to pass out and make good decisions” is becoming common for Lee.

No schools are interested at this time. Smart one will jump on board.

Darius Hines – 5’11”, 150 pound Class of 2018 point guard, Team Takeover 16 Orange, Ireton (VA) – A pass first floor leader, Hines remarked of his game “I like to drive and dish, go to the basket, drop off to the bigs”, which he does well. Darius can also hit open shots.

Darius Hines can dish and score.

Rather slender in stature, Hines must get stronger, which he recognizes. Nevertheless he’s tough, a trait developed while previously playing football.

Currently no schools have shown interest. That will change next season.

Ian Robertson, 6’6”, 210 pound Class of 2018 forward, Team Takeover 16 Orange, Cape Henelopen (DE) – Currently a good face up, one-two dribble pull up guy, Robertson is continuing a development track that plans for him to be a true small forward in the future, an effort that has occurred over the three years he’s been with Takeover.

Ian Robertson values his Takeover opportunity.

Touching up on that, Robertson noted in Delaware “I’m more of a four or five, I’m the biggest one on my team. Here I’m more of a guard, have to play the three. It just takes some getting used to”.

Robertson indicated “Athleticism and getting to the basket and finishing through contact” are must-improves for him. Aiding in the effort is weight room work, including “explosive training” that incorporates low weight-high rep work, which tapers to higher weight-lower weight activity.

Davis Long – 6’2”, 170 pound Class of 2018 guard, Team Takeover 16 Orange, Sherwood HS (MD) – A near-knockdown shooter, Long is a player who can also slash and battle.

Davis Long can stretch the court.

When asked about improvement musts, Long responded “I have to develop my handle and speed”, the former letting him get to the cup easier, the latter being a knock down defender.

Delaware and Indiana State have shown interest.

Matt Becht – 5’11”, 140 pound Class of 2018 guard, Team Takeover 16 Orange, Bishop O’Connell (VA) – When one first sees Becht, Captain America comes to mind - he’s a dead ringer for actjor Chris Evans. Specifically, given Becht’s slender build, he favors Captain America/Evans pre the super serum.

Don’t think he gets pushed around however.

Matt Becht shoots, scraps and competes.

“I love the kid. He’s a great shooter who knows how to play” gushed Prue. “His body is not strong yet but makes up for it with tenacity”.

Becht mixes it up all over the floor, in a measured, competitive way. He’s a competitor.

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